In 2003 Alex Ponti establishes Digital Studio & DVD.

2003 Full frontal, by David Soderbergh (Cecchi Gori Home Video) is the first DVD pre–master produced by Digital Studio.

2004 Le commedie di Eduardo in DVD (01 Distribution), is the first serial project. Digital Studio is involved in both authoring and bonus material production of this 24 title series.

2005 Million Dollar Baby, by Clint Eastwood (01 Distribution), is the 1000th DVD produced by Digital Studio.

2006 Attila flagello di Dio, by Franco Castellano (Cecchi Gori Home Video) is the first UMD disc produced by Digital Studio.

2007 Madri, di Barbara Cupisti (Rai Cinema), which was shown at the Venice Film Festival and received the David di Donatello award as “best documentary”, is the first documentary co-produced by Digital Studio and RAI Cinema.

2007 La Tigre e la Neve, by Roberto Benigni (Cecchi Gori Home Video) is the first HD DVD distributed in Italy. It is authored by Digital Studio.

2008 Next, by Lee Tamahori (Medusa Home Video) is the first Blu-ray disc authored by Digital Studio.

2009 San Valentino di sangue, by Patrick Lussier (Medusa video) is the first 3D movie authored by Digital Studio, both in DVD and Blu-ray versions.

2009 Piranha 3D , by Alexandre Aja (BIM distribuzione) is the first 3D Real Blu-ray authored by Digital Studio.

2011 I tre moschettieri, by Paul W. S. Anderson (Rai Cinema) is among the first titles with Dolby E audio encoded by Digital Studio and broadcasted by Sky Italia.

2011 Happy Family, by Gabriele Salvatores (Rai Cinema) is the first asset produced  by Digital Studio on sale on Apple’s iTunes Store.

2012 The Warlords, by Peter Chan (Minerva Pictures) is the 100th title produced by Digital Studio on sale on iTunes.

2013 A Royal Weekend, di Roger Michell (BIM Distribuzione) is the first movie delivered to Google Play. 

2013 Digital Studio signs an agreement with Google, to monetize and protect content on YouTube.

2014 Digital Studio delivers over 300 titles to Google Play, partnering with Under The Milky Way, CG Entertainment and Filmauro.

2015 Digital Studio agrees with RAI Com to deliver Rai Cinema and other aggregated distributors’ movies to Google Play.

2015 Netflixi is next to launch his service into italian market and Dgital Studio is the first italian laboratory certified NETFLIX Preferred Vendor.